About John


John Christopherson grew up in the Moorhead Minnesota area. After graduation John headed off to the United States Marine Corps where he worked on CH53 helicopters. After leaving the USMC, John headed back home where he found himself working in aviation again- this time in emergency medical helicopters. He also missed the military life so decided to join the North Dakota Air National Guard. Today John has a wife and family with a total of four young men , one young lady, and four furry family members. John and his family reside on Little Oscar Lake outside Alexandria. 

On Joining Wales

After 31 years working on helicopters, John decided it was time to leave avaiation . He decided he wanted to make a difference in people's lives. The listing for Wales Hearing Center caught his attention as it would allow him to help people improve their abilities to hear one another.  

Why Hearing?

 Now that he has been getting into this new world of professional hearing consulting, he is excited to see people's reactions to their new improved hearing. It brings him great pleasure helping them hearing their spouses, friends, and grandchildren.